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2004 / Present

Italy / Benin

Le SAIDEN is a voluntary organization active since 2003 in Naples, Italy and Djougou, Benin, which aims to promote cultural exchange projects with the Republic of Benin and other African countries. In recent years, the association is committed to: establishing a network of artistic and cultural exchanges between Africa and other cultures; stimulating intercultural dialogue and exchange of knowledge through creative and alternative languages in the field of education, arts, social activities and the development of local resources. Le SAIDEN has realized two travels to the Republic of Benin, in order to create a cultural exchange between a high school of Naples and a school of Djougou in Benin. It has developed activities such as Italian language classes, creative writing workshops and theater courses, led to political refugees from North Africa, living in Naples. It is currently working on the DESSINS CROISES_ Festival of Cultures project, with the aim of promoting artistic exchange between the culture of Benin and other cultures.


Untitled Event

Laboratory of performance


Naples (Italy)

The laboratory aims to transform current skeletons- spaces of art in experimental alcoves, proposing actions that don’t dispense unnecessary recommendations but express interrogation marks. Throughout the laboratory there have been various performances using by the language of circus, electronic music, dance theater, live poetry, etc.

Urban Art Foundation

Urban art project


Seville (Spain)

The project aims to promote all forms of art that consider the street as a place of inspiration and experimentation. The first activity EXPERIMENTO CER0 has involved more than 50 artists of circus, theater, music, poetry, dance and visual arts in three days of artistic proposals( 8, 9 and March 10, 2013) in 4 different areas of the city of Seville. The second activity, EXPERIMENTO/ S.Pablo, has been led by young people of the district of San Pablo in Seville. The event was attended by participant with different backgrounds: circus, theater, music, dance, rap, arts and parkour who have acted in the streets of the district.

Promo video​


Sono un titolo. Fai doppio clic.


Muestra de acciones artísticas inclasificables

2014 / Present

Bicicletería, Seville (Spain)

The program wants to propose micro - pieces of combined artistic disciplines (dance theater / music-poetry / performance-music / theater-audiovisual, etc.) that play with the deciphering meaning of each artistic language. It is an invitation to develop artistic actions that disappoint expectations, causing surprises and force the reaction and the question.

micro logo OK.PNG

2018 / Present

Seville (Spain)

with Isabel Guerra

Microscópica_Laboratorio de eventos: expert in the creation, organization and production of cultural and art events.

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